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19 June 2010 @ 05:56 pm
Mason Blake Matthew Tipper <3  


This petition could take just 2 minutes to sign, but might secure justice for an innocent 4 month old baby called Mason Tipper.


Mason died in 2009. He was taken into hospital with head injuries & a broken arm, he had also suffered a heart attack. 3 days later the agonising decision was taken to switch off his machines.


The man who caused these injuries has been sentenced to just 4 years in prison, but will probably be out in just 2. He tried to blame these injuries on a two year old child who was too young to understand the situation. He denied the charges for months, putting Mason's body & the family through more trauma. Even to this day, he has shown no remorse for the damage he has caused.


The judge at the trial said to the killer, "You lost your temper and you shook Mason hard, a young and helpless baby at a time when young children most need care.

"You turned your anger on him that morning when you were in a position of trust towards him. He lost his life as a result."


Mason was a happy and bubbly little boy who had his whole life ahead of him. He was very loved by all the family, including two very young siblings, his parents & many other relatives.


So please, if you have a minute to spare, sign the petition. Help to get some Justice for Mason.

If you could put this on any FB, twitter, tumblr, LJ... anything, it would mean a lot! lets get some justice for the little sweetheart.